Book 1: Sophie’s Choice – Part 1

07 Sep

The first book I am reading is from a strong recommendation from my mother for many years now. Sophie’s Choice by William Styron is at first quite difficult to read. Just saying, I am not the most intelligent person in the world and although my spelling and grammar are quite good, my vocabulary sorely lacks. Needless to say learning to read this authors style of writing may take me some time. My goal was to read the first chapter without stopping. I accomplished this and surprisingly retained more than I initially thought I would. I really started getting into the book towards the end of the chapter and am looking forward to reading more hopefully today.

The books beginning is definitely different from what I thought. It’s entirely about the author, which I completely did not expect considering the books title. And from what I have been told that is not what the story is entirely about, but just a preface if you must of the basis of the book and its findings and where it came about. Styron could have written a book entirely about himself and I am sure I would have enjoyed it. His writing style is very wordy but very illustrative and sometimes metaphoric.

I think I will enjoy reading this 600 page book even though it will be a feat for myself considering it is very “adult” in its context and very lengthy. I laugh now thinking I may actually attempt “War and Peace”.  Glad I am starting with a book I have very high interest in reading, considering some of these books I am dreading although may come to love once read.

Until tomorrow…

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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Books and Writing


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