Book 1: Sophie’s Choice – Part 2

07 Sep

On the negative side I have not had much time to read today, but on the plus side I was able to read a lot last night. I enjoy reading slowly in order to really fill my mind with the pictures the author is trying to paint. I just finished Chapter 3 where there was a new development or turn in the story that makes me want to read on to chapter 4, which I will continue to do later on tonight. Two new characters came into play. Both of them opposite of the other as well as exactly the same at the exact same time. Weird I know, but if you read the book you will understand. My goal is to not retell the story in my own words, but to give my thoughts and feelings and emotions towards what I read. I was confused by these chapters in that the two new characters seem to be completely bipolar! Which they might just be. These characters make me mad and sad and confused and frustrated, yet extremely intrigued. The vocabulary is still vast and hard to understand at times, but again, not being the smartest kid on the block, my spelling and grammar is good, but vocab has always been a struggle. I would just like to thank my friends Emily and Laima for helping me through school as far as vocab! Without you I would never have passed!


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