Book 1: Sophie’s Choice – Part 3

09 Sep

I was so excited to write I couldn’t even rad the end of chapter 5. I finally found some time and finished chapter 4 and read most of 5. You know how they some books are hard to get through because the beginning is slow…well this must have been one of these books because I am finding it hard to put it down now. There is a new theme! deception…ooh! I know it is all very exciting and the story is building with such intensity. I am truly not sure what might happen next. So my first suggestion is going to be, if you read this book, read at least through chapter 4. If you don’t make it to chapter 4, shame on you. It gets exciting and thought provoking, so don’t give up.

I would also like to point out that the vocabulary eases up a bit as well. I was really having trouble with those first few chapters, but now there is more speaking from character and less description and background, where valid and useful in telling the story, can sometimes get a bit bulky and weigh the story and effortlessness of reading down.

Back to the new theme of deception! One of the characters is less than truthful with one if not more of the characters and this will cause a big upheaval in the near future I am sure. Finally the excitement and mystery I have been longing for since I started. Finally.

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Posted by on September 9, 2011 in Books and Writing


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