Health Enthusiast

14 Mar

I became a health enthusiast when I was 17 and becoming very serious about dance. From before I can remember I wanted to be a ballerina. I was not exactly a skinny teenager. I was 5’6″ and about 145lbs. I didn’t become worried about the way I looked or my weight until I was not given a role that I wanted. I was the best in the class as far a I was concerned, but I was also convinced that I did not get the role because I was bigger (in height and weight) than all the other girls (who were all younger and had not quite seen puberty or all of puberty yet.) So that summer I was determined to lose weight to get the part. I set up a calendar with diet restrictions, which wasn’t much, and a work out plan. I made sure I was moving every day. Walking, swimming, roller skating, crunches and push ups. At the end of a two month period I was down to 125lbs. 20lbs in two months! I was so excited to go back to class and show everyone the change. Everyone noticed including the artistic director. That coming winter I thought I had sugar plum fairy in the bag, however I was not given the role yet again. That is when I decided Health was more than being skinny and low in weight for a role, but it was great for having energy and feeling great about myself.

Here I am 10 year later and in the need to lose weight. I had a baby 4 years ago via C-section and a major surgery two years later, needless to say my body has gone through a lot and has need to heal fully before the weight comes off. Now I am ready.  I am ready for the weight to come off. Currently at 165lbs I am hoping to go back to my 17 year old weight of 125lbs, however, I have come to the realization that 145lbs is probably a lot more logical and a more realistic goal to have. Over the next few weeks, months, up to, but hopefully before a year, I hope to reach that goal. I am going to go through all the health benefits of organic foods, to the downfalls of artificial sweeteners, and if soy is really the best protein. I will also go though what exercises work best to beat stomach fat, thick thighs, and bat wings.  I am going to take before and after photos, but I will keep the before photos to myself until I am confident enough to show them along with my amazing after photos. Cross your fingers, because here I go.

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